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weight loss supplement

Other dietary aids are developed in a lab by a chemist. This unique supplement was specially formulated by Dr. Anita Dai after years of experience treating weight loss patients one-on-one, in person.
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  • Natural Ingredients
Weight Loss Supplements
Dr. Anita Dai

Meet Dr. Anita Dai

“My focus is to help each patient reach his or her health and wellness goals.”

Weight Loss — Before and After

Weight Loss Before and After Woman
Weight Loss Before and After Man

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do weight loss supplements really work?
    The typical American diet leaves a lot to be desired and research finds many diets lack a number of essential nutrients. Clinically dosed dietary supplements are a safe, proven way to restore balance and improve metabolism.
  • Are weight loss supplements the right choice for me?
    Many people don’t have the time or can’t afford expensive weight loss treatments, prescription medications, gym memberships or even surgery. For them, weight loss supplements combined with a healthy lifestyle can be the key.
  • What’s the key to succeeding with weight loss?
    Diet supplements work best for people who are dedicated to losing a reasonable portion of their body weight, staying active and sticking to a well-balanced diet.
Weight Loss Supplements

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