According to World Obesity health conditions related to obesity and weight gain during these times seem to worsen the effect of Covid-19.

People who have a BMI over 25 are considered high risk and therefore it is more challenging to treat and examine those patients.

It gets more difficult for them to get intubated, to obtain correct screening and to transport by nursing stuff in ICUs.

The current situation might contribute to an increase in obesity rates with mobility limitations across the country.

The global pandemic which is also quickly becoming a global economic crisis will affect the most vulnerable population.

In many cases the choices made on food by this segment are the ones that ease hunger at the moment,

cost less but damage the organism more in the long run.

Thus, we advise you to stay mindful on your food selections, get active even indoors.

Talk to a weight loss specialist to track your BMI and get back on track again.


Move – Move – Move