Many people are trying to loose weight and weight loss supplements can be a great success tool. Why are certain weight loss supplements more effective? What should be in a good weight loss supplement?

There are a few different areas weight loss supplements target. Some weight loss supplements stimulate metabolism, suppress appetite or a combination of these two key processes. Weight loss supplements can help achieve the primary objective; burn more calories than consumed. Here are several of the major ingredients used in weight loss supplements on the market today.

White Kidney Bean extract
White Kidney Bean extract is a carbohydrate blocker that works by inhibiting the digestion of starches. By inhibiting their digestion, starches that are eaten are either left undigested in the gut or the amount of which is digested is reduced. These starches are either excreted and their calories not absorbed, or they are given to colonic bacteria to ferment (eat). When given to people who are not otherwise on a diet (during their highest carb containing meal), white kidney bean extract is able to reduce body weight and body fat levels similar to simple caloric restriction. In cases of overfeeding, white kidney bean extract can alleviate the expected increase of body fat gain and blood parameters like triglycerides and blood glucose over time. It is also possible that white kidney bean extract can protect against colon cancer in the same manner as soluble fiber.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or not, green coffee bean extract is considered a multipurpose ingredient for alternative therapies. It’s best known as a homeopathic method for weight loss. Green coffee beans contain an element called chlorogenic acid, which has been linked to weight loss in several scientific studies. The brown coffee beans that you grind up and use in your morning coffee have been roasted, which gives them that rich color and taste. Green coffee beans have simply not been cooked, which theoretically preserves more of their antioxidant properties. Green coffee beans are high in antioxidants, which help your body eliminate free radical molecules that can damage your healthy cells. Walmart stocks a range of health-conscious products for everyone, so staying healthy and fit is easier than ever. Green coffee beans might just be the beginning of your more vibrant lifestyle.

Green Tea
Green tea has many health benefits and has recently developed popularity in weight loss supplements. A green tea study was performed at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Green tea, caffeine and a placebo were given to different study subjects. Individuals taking green tea burned approximately 78 calories more per day than individuals taking caffeine or placebo weight loss supplements. Green tea also hosts several other health benefits. Most weight loss supplements do not intend to add antioxidants to your weight loss plan but green tea offers powerful antioxidant properties. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a polyphenol and one of the key ingredients in green tea. EGCG offers many health benefits including powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits, reduction in Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) levels among green tea users, and inhibits the abnormal formation of blood clots which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Green tea offers much more than just a metabolic increase of approximately 78 calories a day but is still a very effective weight loss supplement ingredient.

Apple Cider Vinegar
For centuries, vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes. It is also an ancient folk remedy, claimed to help with all sorts of health problems. The most popular vinegar in the natural health community is Apple Cider Vinegar. It is claimed to lead to all sorts of benefits, some of which are supported by science. This includes weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes.

Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are popular for weight loss because they reduce food cravings by preventing some of the food that you eat from getting absorbed into your system. This blockage of calorie absorption makes them a great diet helper. Chia seeds can also help your diet by making you feel fuller faster. This is because they absorb 10 times their weight in water, forming a bulky gel.

Weight loss supplements can benefit many if used correctly. Remember to have a weight loss mentality and not to rely solely on the supplement for results. The staggering statistics in the United States suggest 2/3 of the population will probably be researching weight loss supplements this year. Before taking a weight loss supplement, make sure to understand all the side effects and benefits of the ingredients. Weight loss supplements can be the boost you need while building a thinner, healthier physique.